May’pa mo sa imung ex, imo jud gi-ampingan maskin iya nakang gipasakitan.

By first semester of school year 2016, I wrote a conservation proposal for the protection of the Davao River. The paperwork was long and exhausting.

One of the actions I proposed is a strong information dissemination. Of course as a blogger, I will be utilizing every social media I have–including this very blog.

In the spirit of scientific research and academic freedom, my conservation proposal is accessible through this link.  Though I need you to ask permission before using it in your works. Proper citation is also highly appreciated.

“The conservation of the Davao River is an endeavor that requires the collaborative effort of multiple aspects of the community.”, says my proposal.

The Community Relations Bureau (yes, it is just a blog and, yes it’s just me) will be active in disseminating information for the protection of the Davao River and the environment as a whole.

On the other hand, the Interface Development Interventions Inc (IDISPHIL) is a Davao-based non-government organization dedicated for the protection of the environment. They regularly release publications on Watershed Conservation. You can view their issues of Bantay Kinaiyahan through this link. (Huge parts of my conservation proposal come from their publication.)

aerial-view-of-davao-riverAerial View of the Davao River, in a blog entitled Davao City By Battad
in Blogger.

It is time to do your part for our environment. You know if we were all complacent now, we would be running around like crazy when the time comes. Mother nature has her ways of revenge, and she is exceptionally good at it.

Anyways, my line of persuasion must not be of fear. I do not want to scare you to provoke you to action. Instead, my line of persuasion is of love. If we loved our environment enough, we would eventually care for it, protect it, and cherish it.

Why should we love our environment then?

Theologically speaking, humans were tasked for its protection. We  must know the difference between what’s right and wrong. We have the capacity to change things; but sometimes, we just choose not to.

The diversity of nature is also a spectacle to behold. You cannot possibly fathom how organisms are inter-connected (and yes scientists are trying to understand them, but even they have unanswered questions).

The economic cost of our natural resources must also be appreciated. Everything nowadays costs money, even the most ignored things. Pristine clear water is priceless to other parts of the world where it is scarce. Logs is a commodity most people would spend for. Heck, do you even know how much money some would pay just to see a sea turtle? How about a Philippine Eagle? A lot, I’d say.

There are so many reasons why one should love the environment. I am simply starting small: the Davao river. Most Dabawenyos pass by it almost everyday, and yet little action is done to preserve it.

We must love our environment, and we can start by loving our very own river.