Computers will Continue to Change the World

Maybe it’s not easy to realize, but computers have changed the world. We are in the age of information. This age, like any other before it, will demand new skill sets. In fact, the dawn of the information age brought us demands for new jobs like Information Technologists and Computer Scientists.

I can say that my field of study, Biology, although novel and remarkable, will be obsolete soon. Should Biology want to thrive, it must find ways to modernize itself in ways that hybridize our modern way of thinking. For example, we must not limit ourselves solely to the classical ideas of Mendel using the cross table. Rather perhaps we can simulate Mendelian genetics more comprehensively using a computer program?

In contrast, Mathematics has found a way to beautifully hybridize itself to the information age. As Math is a study of (but is not limited to) numbers, and most computer data are in numbers, the ideas of logic gates and Boolean are common lingo to both the mathematician and the computer scientist.

All these realizations when I removed my first ‘shortcut virus’ from my thumb drive using command prompt. I guess what I’m trying to say is: computers are promising. I want to study more about programming. I’m already familiar with some languages. Maybe I need to review. CS is not my strongest suit in high school. I’m actually lucky that Pisay provides computer science classes.

I will try to re-learn php, mySQL, and maybe review the basic commands for command prompt. I’m also eyeing R, the statistical software, because it might be very helpful for thesis.


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