Drowning in Fire

Well, not literally, but almost.

There’s just so much going on

I was recently appointed by the student council president for a very special committee. The students rights and welfare committee was designed to defend exactly what it is called. But I feel sorts of having an identity crisis as to what we must be actually doing. My friend and I were assigned to be the co-heads of this committee, but it’s just so broad it could mean anything. Should we cover students’ complaints or should it also include how students actually can’t go to school because of poverty? What should we focus on? There are just so much answers than questions, you know?

Add that to my normal academic load as a student, and to my other responsibilities: as a son, a friend, a lover. Boom! There’s too much on my plate.

Three Projects plus plus

I usually find humor and joy in planning for activities. One I called “Project Aclepius”: which focuses on the establishment of the College of Medicine in our University, the first state-run med school in this part of the country. The other I called “Project Gluteus Maximus”. This one is about our academic organization for biology students. Through here I plan to conduct talks on the Sustainable Development Goals and other relevant advocacy. The third (which probably won’t be the last), I called “Project Durian Cyclone”. Yes, I’m referring to our Davao hub for our organization with ASEAN. Its logo, you see, looks like a cyclone enveloped in Durian. This project is the most taxing, and thus deserves the wackiest nickname.

I’m just a kid

I’m nineteen. I’m basically an adult.

But I feel like I’m being offered so much responsibilities that I may not be able to handle. I’m taking on too much too fast. I sometimes have emotional blackouts and become mean and cranky.

But I’m trying to handle it. I will continue to dedicate my time and skills for the benefit of many people. That’s what I signed for when I got into this youth-leadership gig. It’s a job we don’t get paid for in cold cash.

What we receive for compensation, are ‘thank-yous’ and ‘good jobs’; compliments and gratitude. And I think that, for me, is more than enough.

I’m on fire. Yeah. But I hope I wont burn out.


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