USeP’s Library Transformation

The wise knows what he doesn’t know. The fool doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.

The library has all the knowledge you can ever ask for. In extension, we also have the virtual library for online materials and resources. In our quest for academic excellence and self-improvement, the library should be our best friend.

Kudos to USeP for renovating the library!

Back then I wrote an article about my complaints about our library. But now I can see that the university is making progress to improve the library facilities and make it more appealing to the common student.

These pictures are from USeP Obrero’s Learning and Resource Center Official Facebook Page.¬†Click the link to see more pictures.¬†

“Recently, the University Learning Resource Center re-organize its physical set up into a better and conducive space for learning. This is also to establish an accessible and easy to retrieve library resources to instantly assist students in their research needs”, says their Facebook post.

I love books, and I particularly love those about finance, management, and entrepreneurship. As a Biology major, the library helps me learn more about my other passions that is beyond my course.

I invite you all to our University Library in the third floor of the College of Arts and Sciences Building.

Happy reading!

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