A Chapter Ends

When one reads a novel, he or she almost always starts eagerly. There is great excitement about the touch of the cover page. The delight of the foreword and the first few pages is an experience to behold. The story will start to unfold, and the plot starts to develop into more complex and meaningful scenarios. Each chapter also introduces new characters, while leaving behind the old ones. These transitions may not always be pleasant, but one’s feelings about these changes doesn’t do anything. This is necessary to keep the story flowing. The dynamic and unpredictable nature of any novel makes each one unique.

I know of a novel whose protagonist is a man who has been, and is still going through a lot of transitions. This novel is quite a headache, and is definitely much more complex than the others. Although this doesn’t necessarily make it more special than the others, I can say that stories like this is worth the read.

So, I’ll tell you a little about its plot. Most characters in this book doesn’t last long. Every chapter is quick and fast-paced, even the protagonist himself finds it difficult to adjust. There are many things going on in this story, and it is difficult to keep track about everyone. The protagonist is in sonder, and he wants to be a positive change to all the other characters. He tries his best, sometimes a little bit much, to try to meet everyone else and be a lighthouse to their poor lost souls. But the protagonist is no Messiah, and he is not more special than everyone else. He sometimes feels lost, lonely, and in great despair.

It doesn’t help that the other characters come pass by every chapter or so. The plot transitions so fast, there is little time to adapt. Even so, this story gets more and more sluggish and flat by every page.

And now, another significant chapter closes.

The protagonist fears that he will not be able to connect to the other characters in such little time. He is certain that in a few chapters, other people will leave again. Although he is starting to accept the fact that his story is indeed like this, acceptance doesn’t soothe the bitter aches of another goodbye. Remembering the past doesn’t help either. The protagonist loves to over-analyze the what-ifs and could’ve-beens, and it drains him sometimes.

I do not know what surprises the succeeding pages hold. But I hope the protagonist of this story can finally find something constant in this story besides perpetual change.

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