USeP Holds HIV Themed Short Film Fest

A Short Film Festival, participated by the students of USeP, was held in the Social hall of USeP Obrero last October 14, Friday, to raise awareness of the causes and effects of HIV and AIDS.

The festival was organized by the Obrero Campus Student Council, in cooperation of the Gender and Development (GAD) office of the university. The films presented were produced by the respective students from each participating unit, which included the colleges of the Obrero campus, as well as the external campuses: Bislig, Mintal, Tagum and Mabini.

“Yo Pasa Conmigo”, produced by the College of Governance and Business, was pronounced first place with an overall rating of 87.67% The film was about a girl, who after a break-up, was lead to the dark path which lead to her having AIDS. The College of Arts and Sciences produced “Laso”, which garnered second place with rating 86.67%. This film narrates the story of a rape victim, how she contracted the virus, as she shares her story with other HIV positive patients. The tear-jerking “I Lived” by the College of Education talks about an HIV-positive man seeking acceptance from his father, with the support from his friends. The latter was prized third place with a rating of 83.33%.

The film fest rules clearly states that each film should be independently produced by the students. It must be an original. The scripts, cinematography, and editing must in any point of the production, never had any aid from professionals.

“It is not easy to be a full-time student and a part-time actor”, said Rei, an actor for the film Laso. He added that he has to sacrifice his study time for the shooting and other preparations for this contest. Miss Rioliza Molina, head of the GAD, said that this was a timely event as the newest HIV cases are prevalent among the youth, 18-24 years old. That includes the majority of the university students. “Even if we wouldn’t win, we would still be happy because we conveyed our message”, Rei added, “We tackled the effects of HIV to our families and communities.”

The winners for this film festival will be representing USeP in the succeeding local and national inter-university film festival. Molina is confident that USeP’s entries are of high quality and can compete for prestigious awards. 

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