Report, report, report

In my subjects here in USeP, some professors would assign reporting sessions to different groups. It is as if the rest of the semester will be learned and taught by the students. In some classes, each chapter in the reference book is assigned to a team. These teams will report about it on a specific date. This assignment of topics is even done on the first day of classes. Leaving no room for the teacher to even discuss.

A professor argued that reporting develops self-confidence and reliance while collaborating with teammates. It is, he adds, necessary for ‘real life’ work experience.

That is just the half of the story. The uglier half is that it promotes laziness among the faculty. Students teaching students? Really?

If we were to pay thousands of pesos in tuition to enroll in classes. And will not do much but ask students to research a material and report it in class, why enroll at all? We could just search about topics like visual arts or protozoa in the internet and read about them on books. The reporting system taught me to be self-reliant and independent. So what is the purpose of the professor in the classroom? How did our education system come do this?

The reporting system is efficient if the professor could review the material to be reported before the actual reporting. This is to ensure that the material is factual and correct. Also it would have been better if the professor would discuss the report in greater detail than the reporters did.

Apparently, we don’t do those here.

I learned that the administration here does not tolerate this laziness in the faculty. There was a memo released reminding teachers to avoid reporting activities as much as possible. It appears the memo was nothing more but a piece of paper.

If you dread lazy professors, it is time to stand up and challenge the status quo. We must end this culture of laziness and promote the real spirit of the academe.


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