Our Library Has A Maximum Capacity

Don’t you think it sucks to be denied entry from the library? I know, I experienced it firsthand.

Our library here in the University of the Southeastern Philippines has a peculiar thing with bags. You see I understand the process and concerns as to why a baggage counter is placed in front. It is to keep the belongings of the students safe, while making sure that books won’t be stolen from the library (without borrowing them…library card and all). But another concern brings up when the baggage counter is full and can no longer accommodate more bags.

I was told to wait outside for someone else to claim their bag.

I was denied entry from a library. This is the first that I experienced this. So I talked to one of the clerks and she says it is for the safekeeping of bags (which I already inferred and stated above). I asked for a compromise. I would leave my ID to tag my bag, and I would still put it in the baggage counter. That way the clerk could still identify me when I’d claim my bag. She declined and explained that this was not the process and I have to follow rules.

So, I talked to one of the supervisors.

She just repeated what the clerk said. But I told her: “Hindi ako makakapasok kasi walang space sa baggage counter? I suggest mag-procure kayo ng extra numbers and extra shelves.”

//I can’t enter (the library) because there is no space in the baggage counter? I suggest you procure extra numbers and extra shelves.//

The woman replied “Actually sir yan na ang plano naming project. Kaso lang talaga wala pang mapag-lagyan ng extra shelf. Hintay ka nalang muna. Pwede ka mulingkod lang sa dira.”

//Actually that is our plan for our project. However we don’t have space for an extra shelf. Just you wait. You can sit down for now.//

I had to wait. There were three of us waiting. No big deal. A few minutes later, a woman  exited the library with one of those baggage claim cards. Cool. Though there is still a flaw in this system. So if too many students go to the library at once (let’s say because of a class assignment), they would all be denied entry too because the lack of bag shelves? Go figure.

Why am i writing this?

A library is a place of learning. Anyone seeking knowledge should not be denied entry (or stalled) because of shortcomings by the administration. Should they need more baggage shelves, they must provide for it. It is their responsibility to serve students. The maximum capacity of the library must be stretched to as long as it can still accommodate those who seek to better educate himself. It is the right of every student, I believe, to enter a library.


I call for the library staff, the USeP administration, and the student councils, to look into this concern.  Student welfare must be of the highest priority in a university. I refuse to be complacent over matters like this. With sociological imagination, I could only infer that this concern of mine is not isolated, and that there is something wrong with the bureaucracy. This is my own inference. What do you think?


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